I am an Anglo-French photographer, based in Paris, France. My main occupation is shooting features for architecture, design, food, garden, and travel magazines. My personal project is to document the relationships between man and the environment.

I am a recipient of the following awards and grants: Bourse du Talent Kodak, Paris - HotShots, NYC - SCAM, Paris - HSBC, Paris.

Representation :



Mail: pat@patricksmith.fr

Large format numbered prints (C-print, plexi-faced, Dibond mounted, 40" height, with variable width depending on image ratio, in editions of 7) are available through my dealers:

James Danziger, New York


Izzy Gallery, Toronto


Galerie Enviedart, in Paris and London


Galeria Chroma, Sao Paolo, Brazil


and in art or photo fairs worldwide.


Drop me a line if you're interested by inkjet, or artist prints (when still available)

Print quality: as a professional photographer, I seek to deliver the best quality to my clients. I have the same standards when doing my personal work, and always choose the right tool for the job, from large-format field cameras, to medium-format digital backs for landscape, and DSLR or rangefinders for street work. Should you be interested in ordering a print from me, you can check the quality by looking at virtual 50x35" (125x85cm) prints, here:

Gorges du Verdon

Vallee Blanche